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Build your dream home in a secure
and modern housing development

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Starting at USD 11,313
with flexible payment terms!

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Invest in a home of comfort that
lets you enjoy an exquisite lifestyle

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Starting at USD 12,570
with flexible payment terms!

Rosemary Manors

A unique housing development where you can build your dream home.


osemary Manors is a 16.3 hectare residential and commercial development comprising 214 residential plots on 13.8 hectares and a commercial area on 2.5 hectares. It is located in a unique natural landscape that enhances your quality of life. It is located 6 km from Lusaka and 14km from City Centre, along Great North Road behind Kabangwe (aka 6 Miles). The residential plots are situated on a 1:12 slope and give residents a clear view of Lusaka, scenic views and beautiful undulating landscapes. The commercial area and residential plots mirror each other over a natural seasonal stream valley which is being further developed to add to its beauty. In addition to social amenities, the commercial complex in Rosemary Manors will be a one-stop shop for residents and non-residents.

Don’t settle for less.
Select Rosemary Manors – a well crafted development on where to build your dream.

Prime Location

8 km from Lusaka’s CBD and 4 km off Great North Road. Yes, its much closer than you thought!
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Security & Modern Lighting

Gated community with business-grade security and solar street lighting.
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Commercial Complex

Supermarket, gym, spa, saloon, pub, restaurant, cafe, handyman services, auto centre, business and banking, and much more.
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Beautiful Scenery

Tranquil scenic beauty on virgin land with an awe-inspiring sloped landscape. It doesn’t get any better.
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Water & Sanitation Management

State of the art water and bio-sewage management plant including refuse collection.
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Creative Convenience

Reliable shuttle services to and from the CBD as well as robust fibre optic internet connectivity right at your doorstep.
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Paved Road Network

Well drained high quality paved roads with foot, jogging and bicycle paths for when you want to keep in shape.
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Social Amenities

School facilities, healthcare facilities including dentistry and cozy green park.
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Built to Standard

All plot owners will be required to build homes to match RM’s standards and specification and will be part of the home owners association.
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Friendly Pricing

Choose a Plot type.


We take pride in the scenic sloped landscape that Rosemary Manors provides. The plots vary in size and location of the beautiful slope. The higher you go the higher the price. The prices shown are for the lowest positioned on the slope for each plot size category.


440 sq metres

112 plots (110 remaining)


503 sq metres

56 plots (56 remaining)


587 sq metres

46 plots (36 remaining)


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